Our Mission

Support us to help us spread Gospel!

All suport goes to provide job opportunities at Walking Cross Roads for Christians in Developing contries!

Our Mission

At Walking Crossroads, we are passionate about creating a platform that serves Christians and non-believers looking for sense of life, fostering understanding, personal growth, and empowerment. Our mission is:

Christians Unity

Foster better understanding and unity among Christians of different denominations: In a world often divided, we strongly believe in the transformative power of unity within the Christian community. Our platform is dedicated to bridging the gaps that may exist among various Christian denominations. We encourage respectful dialogue, embrace a wide range of perspectives, and actively promote mutual understanding. By fostering meaningful conversations and cultivating an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, we aim to strengthen the bonds between Christians from all walks of life.

Spiritual Growth

Aid Christians in their spiritual growth by answering their questions: We understand that the journey of faith is filled with questions, doubts, and the pursuit of deeper understanding. Our dedicated team of experts and contributors are committed to providing thoughtful answers and guidance to the questions Christians may have. Whether it’s theological inquiries, matters of Christian living, or seeking spiritual advice, our aim is to equip individuals with the knowledge and support needed for their personal spiritual growth.

Spread Gospel

Spread Christian values by offering solutions rooted in Christian principles for common worldly problems: Living out one’s faith involves applying Christian values to everyday life. Our platform offers practical solutions for the common challenges faced by individuals, regardless of their religious beliefs. Through articles we explore a wide range of topics such as relationships, personal growth, ethical dilemmas, and navigating cultural complexities. These solutions are grounded in Christian principles, enabling individuals to approach life’s situations with faith-based guidance.

Jobs in Devloping Countries

Provide job opportunities for Christians in developing countries: We recognize the economic hardships faced by Christians in developing countries, where finding employment can be particularly challenging.

As part of our commitment to global Christian solidarity, we strive to employ contributors for working on Walking Crossroad Christians in such countries.

Support us to help us spread Gospel!

All suport goes to provide job opportunities at Walking Cross Roads for Christians in Developing contries!


Frequent Asked Question

Are you looking for Paid Contributors?

Right now we don’t have open any paid positions. If you are looking for voluntary contributing you can contact us using contact form.

Are you looking for Volunteer Contributors?

Yes, we are open in to getting voluntary contributors. You can contact us about that using contact form.

What you offer to Volunteer Contributors?

We offer access to premium training we are using to write content, also you can learn from this training how to create your own website how to find right niche, articles topics and how to create online income. Access to my knowledge (Paul) I’m internet marketer, web developer, SEO expert and serial entrepreneur with 11 years experience, and mastermind behind Walking Crossroads, if you are looking to start your own blog or internet business I will be happy to help you with this.

What are your requirements for Contributors?

We require you to be Christiaan, agree with our values, be able to write at list one 1000 words article for volunteer contributor and 2-3 from paid contributors per weak or 4 articles per month per volunteer contributor and 10 for paid contributor. And have your English at list at B2 or C1 level.

Why you are display Ads?

We recognize that ads may be annoying and interrupting your experience on our Website. But they are necessary in order to cover costs involving in too running and expanding Walking Crossroads.

Why is the English used on your website imperfect?

As we strive to employ our contributors from developing countries for most of them English is they second language which may lead for some imperfections in grammar or wording pleas forgive us this imperfections.