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Baptists and Southern Baptists also referred to as American Baptist Church (ABC) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), are similar and dissimilar in several ways. The ABC was established by Roger Williams in 1638 on Rhode Island (Providence) effectively becoming the first Baptist church in the country. From the onset, the Baptist church taught that Jesus is the ultimate guide for leading virtuous lives. One of the defining characteristics of the Baptist Church is its emphasis on individual autonomy in interpreting Scripture and developing a personal relationship with God. From the initial roots of the Baptist church in 1638, the church has spread its tentacles to other regions and it now accounts for at least one-third of the protestant churches in the United States. 

In the year 1845, the American Baptism Home Mission Society was unable to agree on the issue of slavery. There was a push from some communities in Alabama and Georgia who were seeking to represent the Southern States in endorsing slave owners as missionaries. This prosal elicited sharp opposition from the leadership of the society because Southern Baptists were known for their conservative principles which required that missionaries be held to stricter conservative principles. Since the Baptists in the other regions were not as conservative, the disagreement sparked a fire that resulted in the separation of the two into distinct entities. 

Differences between Baptists and Southern Baptists

The main difference between Baptists and Souther Baptists is that Southern Baptists are more conservative in their beliefs. As such, they are not as tolerant of other views that they may consider unbiblical. A good example of their stand on gay rights which they don’t support, unlike the Baptists who welcome gays.

Understanding the differences between Baptists and Souther Baptists calls for examining their distinct characteristics and beliefs. Both Baptists and southern baptists have some similarities but they are governed by distinct conventions. For starters, Southern Baptists have a conservative nature based on deep-rooted convictions. Let’s take a close look at these two groups in order to understand their disparities, especially with regard to faith and beliefs. 

Baptist Beliefs  

Baptism is an important factor in the Baptist doctrine. Baptists hold the view that only the persons who have publicly professed their faith in Christ can undergo water baptism. Additionally, only adults can be baptized and the baptism has to be by immersion. 

Another notable characteristic is the leadership and governance structure. Baptists allow for autonomy of the local congregations but they maintain them through seminary systems. However, the autonomy of the local churches is still subject to the oversight of the overall leadership of the church. Notably, Southern Baptists do not have such control over the individual churches and only focus on church autonomy. 

Baptists also uphold the principle of Sola Scriptura which emphasizes the authority of the Bible. Baptists believe the Bible is the final authority in issues of doctrine as well as church administration. They believe that the word of God is only contained in the scriptures.

The two sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion) that are observed by most protestants are observed by protestants are also observed by Baptists. However, Baptists do not view these sacraments as a means to God’s grace but rather as symbols of Christ’s work and presence. 

Southern Baptists Beliefs

Southern Baptists are a distinct denomination within the Baptist tradition. As such, they agree on several doctrinal issues but also have some distinctions. For instance, while Baptists emphasize that the Bible is the only source of God’s word, Southern Baptists hold the view that God’s word not only comes from the Bible but from other sources as well. 

Another point of difference is the issue of free will. Baptists are not big on free will and believe that predestination plays a role in the life of a Christian. However, southern Baptists emphasize free will. They believe that every believer is responsible for their own choices and that a person can choose either to accept or reject God’s will for their life. 

The sacrament of communion is another point of difference between the two groups. Southern Baptists view the communion as a symbol of the last Supper denoting the ultimate price that Jesus paid on the cross. Even though Baptists take a similar stand on the Eucharist, the main difference between the two is that the southern baptists do not believe in the presence of Christ during the Eucharist. 

Southern Baptists do not accept the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Notably, Southern Baptists are known for leading exemplary Christian lives, characterized by fervor in preaching the Gospel according to their understanding.

Baptist vs Southern Baptist: Key Differences

Here is a table that summarises the most important differences between Baptists and Southern Baptists. 

AspectBaptistSouthern Baptist
Faith in JesusBaptists do not mandate universal acceptance of Christ for salvation.Southern Baptists explicitly state the need to believe in Christ.
Free WillBaptists do not believe in free will.Southern Baptists believe in the existence of free will.
PredestinationBaptists teach predestination.Southern Baptists have a reserved stance on predestination.
OrdinationWomen can be ordained in Baptist churches.Only men can be ordained in Southern Baptist churches.
Opinion towards HomosexualityBaptists exhibit an openness toward same-sex couples.Southern Baptists strongly oppose same-sex couples.
State and ReligionBaptists do not advocate for separate powers of religion and state.Southern Baptists advocate complete separation of church and state.


To sum it up, Baptists are generally more tolerant of different views than their Souther Baptist counterparts. Southern Baptists are more rigid in their beliefs as they believe that the foundational teachings and doctrines of the church should not be comprised or altered in favor of current trends. For instance, Baptists may allow for the ordination of women to serve as part of the clergy while Southern Baptists maintain that only men can be ordained to serve as clergy. This clearcut difference is actually helpful as it might help Christians know which side of the divide they will want to fall depending on their theological convictions. 

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Ronnie Amaya has been actively involved in ministry since his high school and university days where he served as a Christian union leader. After graduation, he worked as an itinerary minister preaching in Schools, Universities, Street Evangelizations, and Churches. In 2018, he led a team in planting a new church in Nairobi, Kenya where he is currently serving as the lead pastor.

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